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How To Setup homlisti WordPress (Step 2 Step Strategy)

How to setup homlisti WordPress

In this article you are g will learn how to setup homlisti WordPress theme in 2022

The Homlisti WordPress theme for personal advertisements is tastefully made, orderly, modern, and stylish. If you wish to use this theme to build a directory and classified information website, it is perfect for you.

With more than 5 million active installs worldwide, the Elementor Page Builder, a popular option, is included with this theme. Your site can be customized using a drag and drop interface using Elementor and Gutenberg.

How to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress

Interested in using WordPress to create a real estate website? Today, I’ll demonstrate for you! You can design all the forms and layouts required to run a successful real estate website using a powerful WordPress forms plugin with an application builder.Let’s agree on the key elements of a real estate website before we proceed with the steps:

  • Email automation: Email automation uses a marketing automation platform to send automatic messages so that the right people receive the correct message at the right time without having to perform the work manually. When a consumer wants information, you presumably want automatic emails to send. It’s also essential to connect your CRM and email marketing software.
  • Lead magnets: An exclusive piece of material or service that you provide to a user in exchange for their contact information is known as a lead magnet.
  • WordPress forms
  • Real estate listing: To post data, acquire leads, and gather client information, you’ll need a number of forms on your website. A real estate listings form, as an illustration.

How To Setup Homlisti WordPress

Understanding how to setup homlisti WordPress will not only provide you with the information, but it will also help you organize your site for the purposes of search engine traffic and ranking. As a blogger, you should understand how to setup homlisti WordPress theme because it is one of the best real estate themes available.

How to setup homlisti WordPress


Use the most recent stable version of WordPress at all times, it is highly recommended. additional conditions. Update WordPress to 5.4.2 or a higher version for the best performance. For the purpose of ensuring that all bugs and security flaws are repaired.

  1. 128 MB or more of available RAM for WordPress
  2. PHP 5.6 or greater is required. However, if you want to achieve the most speed, we advise using PHP 7.4
  3. 5.6 or higher versions of MySQL OR 10.0 or higher versions of MariaDB.

Check out this link for further server requirements:

How To Setup Homlisti WordPress Theme

  • First you have to download the Homlisti WordPress Theme
  • Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard. Choose the Theme from the Appearance menu on the dashboard’s left.
  • The updated theme can be chosen by using the Add New option. Upload the theme at this time. The theme will be installed and requested to be activated after the upload is complete.
  • Now you go over and active it
  • To run effectively, the theme will prompt you to install a few suggested plugins. You must install and enable all required plugins.
  • Congratulations! The Homlisti WordPress theme installation is now complete.

You must now complete further tasks. These include importing demo material, setting attributes, and setting the permalink. As a result, you must use that plugin. requires the Classified Listing Pro Plugin for Elementor, a drag-and-drop page builder. You’ll need the Membership Addon for the Classified Ads & Business Directory Plugin. Review & Structure Data Schema are required, along with the Classified Listing Store & Membership addition. Plugin for WordPress that combines a review rating system and a structured data schema.

Display Property on Details Way 360° Virtual View. Using any computer or mobile device, Details Way 360 allows you to explore properties in 360 degrees. Mobile-Friendly Design with Responsiveness. Property with advanced search features that is smart and sophisticated. Superior Search Fields. AutoComplete Suggestions for Search. Including Radius Search You can easily fix the mortgage calculator. inner page designs that are modern and tidy. Layouts for Property List and Grid. Features of Homlisti theme.

Features Of Homlisti Theme

Dashboard For Users

In addition to the admin dashboard, every front-end user does have a personal dashboard that they may control directly from their end. Editing ads, erasing ads, selecting preferable ads, monitoring payments, and uploading new ads are all essential.

Gateways For Payment

Offline, PayPal, Stripe, and are just a few of the payment processors that come pre-loaded with Homlisti. WooCommerce integration is available in this theme’s most recent version. All WooCommerce Transaction Access points, Coupons, and Invoices are so supported.

Unlimited Custom Field

You have the ability to design your own fields and categorize or organize them. The fields Text Box, Text Area, URL, Number, Select, Radio, and Checkbox are supported by this system at the moment.


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